Benefit Auctions by Vicky Carlton

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Benefit Auctions are not associated with OwnerLand Realty or All Done Auction Co LLC.

Today more and more organizations from local schools and churches to national nonprofits are utilizing auctions to raise needed funds. By planning ahead, you can accurately determine how much you’ll need to raise through auction revenue to reach your goal. I can help you plan your event to get most out of the available time. Here are some valuable tips to help ensure a successful event:
 Up to start 11-12 months ahead, interview auctioneers early and get a contract signed! Ohio law requires you contract with a licensed auctioneer to call your live auction.
 Secure a venue, recruit volunteers, procure items, and organize and publicize a unique event. An auctioneer must consign all items that are not donated!
 Before starting, outline auction goals and estimate all preparation and associated costs.
 Pick a venue where your guests will feel comfortable, and determine what entertainment, decorations, theme and food will help create a good environment.
 While many things can be donated, there will still be hard costs involved.
 Utilize ticket sales and sponsorships to cover these costs.
 Establish a committee of dedicated volunteers divided into areas of responsibility including procurement, silent auction, live auction, decorations/set up, entertainment, invitations, volunteer coordinator, publicity, registration, check out, item pick up, and clean up.
 Be upfront with your time commitment to staff and volunteers, plan for one volunteer for about every 10 guests.
 Develop a timeline outlining key activities, deadlines, and who’s responsible.
 Seek attention grabbing items, consider budget, interest, uniqueness
 Send a “Save the Date” card six months before your event, and invitations six to eight weeks in advance. Target vehicles that reach your key audience, whether it’s a school flyer, local newspaper or wine trade publication.
 Thank your volunteers and staff for their hard work and dedication. And thank each attendee and donor.
 Host a post-event meeting recapping what went well and what can be improved for next year.