All Done Auction Co, llc is operating as a online mediation company. Any live auctions are associated with Vicky Carlton Auctioneer
Why Auction Real Estate?
 Quick!
 Fair!
 Control!
 Simplified sale and closing!
Reasons sellers are selecting to Auction Real Estate
 Estate liquidation/probate.
 Divorce/Partnership dissolution.
 Financial problems, bankruptcy, cash needed quickly.
 Retiring or relocating.
How I can HELP!
Real Estate Buyer Counseling
 Help determine the market value of a property prior to sale by becoming familiar with it. Learn terms of auction.
 Register bidder and show property.
 Assist bidder with choices and auction strategy.
Real Estate Seller Counseling
 Analyze your needs, the property and market conditions to determine if it is a good situation for auction.
 Provide fact sheet on property.
 Perform market analysis.
 Perform the auction.
Seller Benefits from selling real estate at auction
 Auction is an aggressive, advance marketing program that increases buyer’s interest in, an awareness of a property and maximizes the selling price.
 Accelerates sales. Reduces the time the property is on the market. Auction brings interested buyers to a point of decision; they must act now or lose an opportunity to purchase. The property can sometimes be closed within 30 days of auction or sold before auction.
 Creates competition among buyers. Auction is a true fair market forum. Auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale. Never worry about selling too cheap, offers the seller another option with bid confirmation. The highest buyer pays the lowest price a seller will accept, it takes the seller out of the negotiation process.
 Exposes the property to a large number of prospects with target marketing.
 Property is sold as is, where is and how is without contingencies.
 Eliminates high seller carrying costs; (such as interest, taxes, maintenance).
 A seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
 Freeze sell of other homes in area.
 A seller sets the terms and conditions of the sale, maintains control of the property throughout the auction (depending on auction type), and actively participates in the sale process.
 Auction eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings.
 Auction Seller is able to obtain liquidity.
 Seller is able to move on to other investments and free up capital.
Buyer Benefits from buying real estate at auction
 Purchase property at fair market value in open competition. Never has to worry about paying too much. Buyers set their own purchase price. Buyers know sellers sell at lowest price possible.
 Eliminate long negotiation periods. Reduce time to purchase property, gain confidence as they competed.
 Do not have to worry about contingencies because purchasing and closing dates are known.
 Buyers feel like winners, just knowing there is a contending bid just one increment under purchase price.
 Terms of offer are same for all buyers.
 Buyers know sellers are motivated to sell.
 Buyers can receive favorable financing.
 Property is sold based on competitive offer, not timing of offer, who’s first.