About me


Licensed Realtor 2004, License Auctioneer 2006. Strong background in systems development, business analysis, project management, research and development.  Extensive experience with database management systems, data warehousing and internet application support.  Able to understand business requirements and identify the most appropriate technologies. Excellent communication and people skills.  Possess an excellent understanding of the business systems, programming languages, utilities, and technical infrastructure.


University of Cincinnati, general courses

Cincinnati State, Associate of Applied Business

Continuing Education/Interest

Internet application Development (PHP/HTML/XHTML/XML/AJAX//JAVA) Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Search Engine Optimization

Marketing campaigns (PPC/CPM)

Email Marketing

Collaboration/Social Networking/Sharepoint

RSS Feeds/Webbots/Crawlers


Google Analytics



Auction/Real Estate Resume


Primarily to provide auction services for real estate, small business and charities.


Certified Auctioneer Institute I (coursework March 2009)

Accredited Auctioneer, Real Estate(AARE) 2008 certification pending.

Certified Estate Specialist (2006)

Certified Valuation Specialist (2005)

Warren County Career Center, Auctioneering School (2005)

Hondros College: (2004) Real Estate Certificate (2008) Residential Mortgage Professional

Cincinnati State (1978), Associate of Applied Business, Business Data Processing

NAA National Conference and expo attended (2006, 2008)

Work Experience

Open All Done Auction Co., LLC July 2006

Auction properties:  228 Charles, Middletown Oh

3201 Grischy Ln, Hyde Park, Oh

2715 Case Rd, Bethel Oh

Charity auctions:     Woman Realtors Cake auction

Business auctions:   Frank McCullough Auctions, 1 year apprentice, call 12 business closure auctions.

Personal property auctions: Called for Dowers Auctioneers, Reeding’s Auction House, Craig Lytle Auctioneers and AJ Auctioneer on volunteer bases.

Realtor  Agent Positions Brokers:

OwnerLand Realty

Keller Williams

Real Solutions Realty

Ohio Real Estate Auctions

Global Realty Marketing

Group Realtors

HUFF Realty 6/04

Professional memberships


National Association of Realtors

Ohio Association of Realtors

Cincinnati Board of Realtors

Previous Memberships: NAA, OAA, Ohio Real Estate Investment Association(REIA)

Accreditations and licenses

Licensed in Real Estate Sales, State of Ohio

Licensed Auctioneer, State of Ohio

After working 20 years in the IT world, I decided to embark in real estate and the auction business. I am still working in IT, only with an entrepreneur “twist.”

After 18 years and an employer merger with another company in 2006, I have been working in the Real Estate and Auction Business as a primary and secondary job since 2004. I have also had the pleasure of offering IT consulting in between.

I would love to continue my career in IT, however, the positions and salary I would consider are just not offered for someone like me who does not have a four year degree (it is a shame that corporations put such emphasis on a little piece of paper versus experience in the field).

If by chance you are interested in considering me for a position, I want to give you some insight into what I have accomplished since departing the Corporate World.

I am active in Research and Business Development, project management, creating websites, and e-commerce stores. I have expanded my knowledge on Search Engine Optimization, robots, feeds, analytics, and distribution. I have also had the chance to utilize 24×7 Books and VTC online training for education and research. I have implemented a lot of what I have learned on the many websites I’ve created, although I did not implement everything on all my sites and will not expose all I have accomplished on here just to “hand it over” to my competition.

I started a business, created a legal entity, devised business and marketing plans and much more than it takes to be successful in business. I am currently working on two business certifications that are scheduled to be award in 2010 and 2011. In 2007 and 2008, I added the Certified Estate Specialist and Residential Mortgage Specialist certifications.

I’ve effectively learned new languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and some java and action script.

I’ve added MYSQL database experience to my 10 + years experience as DBA (Oracle certified thru 9i, SQLSever, and MSAccess).

I have also implemented social networking tools such as Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, to name a few along with creating social network sites of my own. I learned many new business tools in the area of marketing (blogging, email, affiliate and video) including WordPressSugarCRM, zoho, aweberyoutube and more.

I will be launching several new programs and websites in early 2010 that will be disclosed later. You know in business today — you can’t tell the competition everything.

Sadly, working the internet is what I do for fun now. I’ve wanted to open the brick and mortar auction house for years, but have been holding off because of the economy and lack of real job to fund in for the initial startup. Hopefully you will help me, by contacting me to sell items you already want to get rid of and referring people to my web sites.