Pre Foreclosure ~ Foreclosure

Real Estate – Pre-foreclosure/Foreclosure
If you are in foreclosure, or received a notice of default from your bank, I can evaluate your problem AT NO COST TO YOU! I will give you information to help determine your next steps. Call me even if you do not want to sell your home, so I can give you important information. As an auctioneer and a REALTORĀ®, I take pride in representing sellers and follow a strict code of ethics. I work for you not the investor! I can offer many marketing methods to get your home sold, such as traditional listing, auction and/or short sale.

I work with banks to take a loss on the property, so you can sell it quickly. The bank doesn’t want your home, they want the value of your home. They would rather take a loss today than get your property at the Sheriff’s sale and take a bigger loss later. Marketing your home generally will produce better results than sheriff’s auctions because the potential buyers can not inspect the home prior to auction when a home is sold at sheriff’s auction.

This process called a “short sale” will stop foreclosure and could eliminate the need for bankruptcy. You need to pick your real estate agent before filing bankruptcy or the court will assign your real estate agent who may not be qualified in your neighborhood.

Working with the bank may permit you to stay in your home longer. Working with the bank can postpone foreclosure. The sooner you start trying to resolve the problem, the more likely you will not run out of time.